Engraved medallion for personalized jewelry - a unique idea for a holiday gift

We offer special jewelry with Swarovski crystals, natural stones and pearls, supplemented with a special locket with engraving. We will place a text of your choice in a small circle, which will give the ornament a special meaning. Name, date, symbol - anything close to you. A good idea for a holiday gift - give the gift of love!

Engraved locket for personalized jewelry

Letter medallion

10mm gold-plated or silver-plated medallion with one letter. An inconspicuous but special addition to the ornament. Personalize your necklace with a letter circle! Cool idea to surprise your best friend!

Do you want to give small gifts to the bridesmaids? A necklace with a letter will be a sparkling dot on the i, which will unite you and remind you of the nice event!

invisible necklace with letter locket

Name medallion

If you want to capture a sweet and important event or surprise someone with a personalized name wheel, you can do it on a locket, we will engrave a text or symbol created by you. Surprise, engraved in the circle and Swarovski glitter - a good idea for a gift for the holidays! We offer engraved medallions of various shapes with a text of up to 12 symbols. Immortalize there your name or an important date. If you are looking for a gift for graduation, then this will be a suitable idea - let's engrave the year of graduation!

Circled with a word

A light and silky touch of pearls together with an engraved personalized locket with a text or symbol of your choice. Tasteful and elegant, ideal both for a gift and for yourself. 12mm gold-plated or silver-plated round locket with engraving. Classic and elegance.

Engraved circle with word

Heart-shaped engraved locket

12mm gold-plated or silver-plated heart-shaped locket with engraving. When you want a special accent. Complement your wheel with a special and lovely locket, on which you can capture names, initials or a date. Give a truly memorable gift for the holidays! The heart will suit your mother, sister, wife or best friend as a gift!

heart-shaped engraved locket

Name locket with crystal

The engraved medallion can be supplemented with a small Swarovski crystal for additional shine. Let the name shine! If you are looking for a gift for a birthday, a Swarovski necklace with a name engraving would be a good idea.

locket with personalized name engraving

Personalized Men's Bracelet

The elegance of natural stones and a special touch in the form of a personalized locket. A unique and special gift for the holidays. Surprise your man with a gift engraved with your date, wedding date, or both of your initials!

personalized men's bracelet with engraving

Large medallion with engraving

When there is so much to say - capture the important and give it as a keepsake. The personalized locket can be attached to jewelry, a purse, or used as a key ring. Engraved circle with your special message. The diameter of the medallion is 25 mm, which allows placing a longer text.

personalized locket with engraving

Special engraving design

We also make individually designed medallions. It is possible to choose the font you like, to carry out engraving on both sides of the medallion.

We also engrave drawings, logos, images, symbols. Contact us if you are looking for something unique!

special design engraved locket

Key chain

A gift idea - a personalized key ring with a text of your choice on the locket. A small, sweet gift that will always be by your side. Give as a gift to family members - parents, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather!

personalized key ring

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