Meaning of natural stones - descriptions

When creating Nela Gems jewelry, we believe that the crystals and stones used in the jewelry piece are not only beautiful and shining objects. We believe that they will also give some special energy that will improve person's mood, give some joy or protect against negative energies.

Here we have compiled meaningful explanations of our natural stones, crystals and pearls used in Nela Gems. We did not come up with it ourselves, but gathered it from various resources. It is one's choice to believe it or not.

We hope that these descriptions will help you choose the most suitable stone, crystal or pearl for you and your mood.


A stone of strength and harmony. Strengthens intelligence, increases concentration and analytical abilities (especially helps students, actors), brings luck, increases energy. Promotes longevity. Gives emotional strength, dispels fear, relieves stress. Improves relationships, cleanses and stabilizes the aura by removing or transforming negative energy. Creates a sense of security. Look for agate here .

Agate is a stone of strength and harmony


A stone of prudence, strength, wisdom and protection. Symbolizes truthfulness, health and spiritual wisdom. Cleanses from negative energy. Calms the mind, helps overcome fear, relieves stress and tension, calms anger and brings peace, helps maintain optimism, balances mood swings. Helps with insomnia. Look for amethyst here .

Amethyst is a stone of wisdom and intelligence


A stone of mind. Helps to balance emotions and energies between body, mind and spirit, calms anger. Hematite dispels negative energies, transforming them into love. Warms and activates the body, creating a feeling of strength. Removes tension, especially during flights, improves energy and heart rate. Increases intuition, gives inner energy. A symbol of wisdom and courage.


A stone of tenderness and relaxation. Helps to relax, brings peace, wholeness and healing, especially in times of stress. Helps with travel. Provides protection and absorbs negative energies, including electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Stimulates imagination, helps turn ideas into action. Balances body vibrations. Jasper is a stone of stability. Search for jasper here .


Magic stone. Develops mystical abilities as well as psychic power. Protects the aura - cleanses it of negativity and ensures that energy does not leak. If you are exhausted, it will give you strength. Labradorite has long been considered a stone of money and financial prosperity, it not only attracts but also protects money. Search for labradorite here .


Gives stability and calms. A stone of emotional rebirth that allows you to "drop" unwanted emotions and habits. Strengthens self-confidence and helps to realize your wishes - a very good helper for shy and indecisive people. Especially suitable for a hot-blooded character - allows you to control emotions and temperament. Search for lava here .


For self-confidence, justice, openness. It is a stone of health - promotes spiritual healing, gives peace of mind and willpower, increases physical abilities and cleanses the aura, giving a sense of purity, strengthens friendships and helps solve love problems. As a talisman, it brings the wearer luck, prosperity, happy love. Search for lapis lazuli here .


Brings peace during meditation. Helps to visualize thoughts. Allows the mind to respond to the desires of the heart, bringing a sense of happiness to the inner world. Improves sleep. Good for health - strengthens and heals the digestive system, blood circulation. Stimulates metabolism, strengthens bones and teeth. Remove, strain, release muscles. Search for magnesite here .


A powerful protective stone that creates a shield against negative energies. Protects against depression, tension and mental stress. Brings clarity of mind and dispels clutter, helps to concentrate. Reduces emotional blockages and past traumas. Can release deep subconscious fears. Equalizes energy circulation, gives harmony and health.


Provides inspiration and provides objectivity. Helps to listen and hear the inner voice. Gives emotional balance, self-control and removes stress. Repels negative energy, evil eye. Helps to deal with bad habits. Onyx is a warrior stone that gives strength to achieve the goal and keep the result.


Adornment with pearls and their history is ancient, pearls have always belonged to values ​​that symbolize power and wealth. Pearls are a classic decoration that never goes out of fashion and never loses relevance, and no other precious stone or precious metal has been able to enchant people for more centuries.


Compassion stone and emotional balancer that cleanses from past wounds and scars (both physical and emotional. Stimulates, cleanses and activates the heart. Alleviates anxiety and worry. Rhodonite energy empowers you to follow your intuition and soul's calling, leading to answers and spiritual questions.


Love stone - opens the heart chakra to all kinds of love. Increases self-esteem, self-confidence, compassion and tolerance. Helps in partnerships and suppresses negative emotions - anger, fear, resentment, as well as heals emotional wounds and sadness, providing inner peace. Heals on a physical and emotional level. Allows you to open up and accept love. Search for rose quartz here .

Rose quartz stone of love tenderness


Resembling a bright, dark southern sky. A stone of truth, openness and sincerity. It promotes mental development, reduces mood swings. Encourages speaking the truth and gives self-confidence. Activates the thyroid gland, helps in cases of epilepsy. Reduces hair loss.


Excellent quality replica of real pearls. They are made from a unique crystal core, covered with an innovative mother-of-pearl coating, which creates a flawless, silky smooth and round surface. When you hold this pearl in your hands, you can feel the coolness and heaviness, and gradually it adapts to the body temperature, which is also characteristic of a natural pearl. Search for crystal pearls here .

Swarovski pearls and crystals