Make a gift special with a personalized engraved locket

If you are looking for a special gift that would be unique and personal, we offer jewelry personalization. To make the chosen piece of jewelry more special and appropriate for the gift recipient, it is possible to add an engraved medallion on which to capture the name, initials, date or other individually selected text.

The medallion can be engraved on both sides. We also engrave various symbols – logos, images, contours, etc. Individual design engravings have a longer production time, 5 min - 2 days, depending on the complexity.

We engrave on site in the workshop, Perses Street 7. Making the medallion takes about 5 minutes. Come in and get your unique cart right away!

Invisible necklace with name locket

The most popular piece of jewelry to which a name locket is added is the invisible necklace . It is light and airy, which draws all attention to the Swarovski sparkle. A good gift idea for a woman during the holidays.

invisible necklace with name locket

Personalized Swarovski pearl bracelet

Swarovski pearls and an engraved locket next to the crystal pendant. As a dot on the i - it makes each wheel unique.

pearl bracelet with personalized locket

Heart-shaped locket with engraving

Both round and heart-shaped medallions are available. If you want to present a gift to a loved one, we recommend a heart! A sweet and nice surprise for the holidays.

pearl bracelet with personalized locket

Additional crystal for a special sparkle

We offer to decorate the medallion itself with a small Swarovski crystal - because there can never be too many crystals. Let it shine and water!

Invisible necklace with name engraving

Locket with horoscope sign

For a birthday gift, you can choose an engraved medallion with the sign of the horoscope and the date of birth as an addition.

Large personalized engraved locket

When there is so much to say - choose the big medallion . It can be attached to jewelry, a purse, or used as a key ring. Engraved circle with your special message.

the large engraved locket

Come in to pick up your unique little wheel at Avotu Street 1 or receive it with delivery.

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