Colors and types of Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are able to enchant with their enchanting shine and elegance, which is the brand's trademark. Every woman who likes to dress up and adorn herself with accessories must also like crystals, diamonds and other precious stones. However, they come in so many different sizes, variations and colors that there is at least one type of crystal to suit every woman's taste.

Swarovski crystal certificate

When looking for the right crystal for your taste and desires, we find ourselves at a giant crossroads. We are faced with a choice, where we have to make a decision not only between color and size variations of crystals, but also to be able to distinguish between their types and classifications. And it doesn't matter whether you have gone to Austria, Swarovski's native land, to look for your perfect crystal, or whether you have decided to pamper yourself with some crystal jewelry in the Nela Gems store. You will definitely find yourself surrounded by sparkle and shine, and you probably won't be in a hurry to choose a crystal that matches your jewelry, taste, and style.

The assortment of Swarovski crystals is quite complex, therefore, before you go in search of your ideal crystal, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the classification of crystals and understanding what they are intended for.

Swarovski crystals are divided into two main categories – standard products and special products.

Standard Swarovski crystals

Although these crystals may visually look similar and even identical, it is important to consider their classification as this determines what the crystal is intended for. Standard crystals are labeled with a four-digit number and fall into 6 main categories.

1. Round stones called Chatons

These are the most common crystal elements due to their simplicity and equally undeniable luxury. This type of crystal is available in 17 different variations.

swarovski fancy stones

2. Flat Hotfix and No Hotfix stones

These are flat crystals that are often used to decorate clothes. This type of crystal is applied to the fabric, which can be done in two ways. Crystals from Hotfix must be attached to the material with the help of a special glue. On the other hand, Hotfix crystals are heat-resistant, so they can be attached to the desired material with the help of heat, for example, an iron. With the help of steam, it is possible to simultaneously apply and fix a larger amount of crystals in one place, but with glue you need to be more careful and spend more time on it. There are currently 60 different variations in the offer of flat crystals.

swarovski hotfix crystals

3. Sew-on stones and crystal buttons

Sewn-on crystal elements are designed to be sewn by hand or by sewing machine on any textile or accessory. Crystals are produced with one to three holes in them so that they can be sewn to the material. The corners of the crystal are rounded around them to protect the thread and ensure a quality seam. Crystal buttons, on the other hand, are used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The only difference is the wonderful Swarovski sparkle that cannot be compared to anything else.

swarovski sew on buttons

4. Fine stones

These crystals are available in several shapes, from the classic to the progressive and modern cut. Fine crystals are available in a huge variety of colors and sizes. It is currently possible to choose from 185 variations of the form. They can be either glued on or embedded in jewelry with a metal base. The brilliance and sparkle of Swarovski fine crystals is guaranteed by their careful crystal cut, polished to perfection.

5. Pearls and beads

Crystal pearls are excellent replicas of real pearls. They are created from a unique crystal core and covered with an innovative pearl coating. The surface of Swarovski pearls is silky smooth, rounded and their quality is impeccable. However, Swarovski brand beads meet the highest quality standards of the global market. Needless to say, both pearls and beads are available in a wide variety of colors and variations.

swarovski crystal pearls

6. Crystal pendants, charms and BeCharmed collection

Swarovski pendants and charms have an inimitable elegance and are available in both classic and more avant-garde and modern cuts and shapes. A hole is made in the upper part of the crystal, through which you only have to pull the chain and a beautiful pendant or charm is ready. The BeCharmed collection, on the other hand, includes particularly elegant beads, amulets and Stoppers - a jewelry lock that ensures that the pearls are immobile and stay in place.

swarovski becharmed

Types of crystal availability

Standard crystal products in the online store are marked with the program mark "available". In simpler terms, this means that standard crystals are produced regularly and are always available to customers. However, it should be added that each product in a certain size and color is part of some labeling and, based on the availability of the product, the labeling changes. Sometimes products are produced for a special collection or collaboration with designers and are available for a specific time in a specific quantity. That is why it is worth paying attention to product statuses on the Swarovski website.

There are 5 possible levels of accessibility which:

  • In program – is in the program, which means that the product is available.
  • Special production – special production, which means that the product is produced on demand with a minimum number of approximately 14,400 units.
  • Out of program – outside the program, which means that the production of the product has been stopped.
  • Future out of program – soon out of the program, which means that the product is currently still in production, but its production will soon be discontinued.
  • Out of program with discount, if available – out of the program with a discount, which means that the production of the product has been stopped and the remaining products are sold at a discount.

Special Swarovski products

The second category of Swarovski crystal elements are forward integrated products, which means that these products are manufactured based on the customer's individual order and preferences. Initially, each customer must choose the type, size, color, shade, cover, etc. of the crystal they want, but there are other side products in jewelry making, which are summarized in this section.

These crystal elements are labeled with a 5-digit number and are also divided into 6 main categories:

1. Cupchains and Findings – stone holders

These are metal holders in which the crystal stone is fixed. Round stones and fine stones are best suited for these holders, which can be used to create a beautiful and elegant design.

swarovski cupchains

2. Plastic rondels or middle pearls

These elements are made of plastic and in their center are integrated crystals, Swarovski pearls. These products can be glued to various material surfaces and sewn to fabric. Using these rondels, it is possible to create very diverse and beautiful designs on clothing or accessories.

swarovski rings

3. Metal rondels or middle pearls

These elements are made of metal and in their center are integrated crystals, Swarovski pearls. This product is the most popular product used in Swarovski's textile, footwear and accessories categories due to its quality.

swarovski rings

4. Synthetics

These versatile products incorporate elegant crystals with different ways to adhere them to the desired material. Synthetic Swarovski products are suitable for various textiles, interior design, jewelry, handicrafts, accessories. Their uses are endless.

swarovski crystal rock

5. Crystal cloth

This product is a flexible metal material covered with crystals. This product is intended for creating and decorating clothing and accessories. The crystal fabric can be attached with both glue and steam.

6. Hotfix stickers

This product is suitable for any textile and its attachment to the fabric is done with the help of steam. These are called stickers because they come in all kinds of colors, designs, sizes. One sticker contains up to 18 crystal elements, creating a wide variety of patterns, floral motifs, figures, etc.

Swarovski crystal colors

Swarovski crystals are available in a wide variety of colors and shades . However, the Swarovski brand carefully adheres to its quality standards, which dictate that all Swarovski crystals must be identical in their original form. This means that all round blue sapphire tone crystals should be indistinguishable.

Color palette of Swarovski crystals

Crystal stones are offered to customers in more than 100 different shades - snow white, old pink, ruby ​​pink, purple velvet, sunflower orange, lemon yellow and dozens of other charming, light-reflecting colors. Certain crystals are designed with light-reflecting effects (Aurore boreale or AB), which, when exposed to a direct beam of light, emit a wide variety of colors - your crystal can transform into either a colorful rainbow or a breathtaking northern lights.

Each crystal - stone, pearl, bead - can be given any color your heart desires. Swarovski color variations are very wide, so everyone can find their closest and favorite shade.

Swarovski crystal jewelry

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