How to add a medallion to an existing cart?

Decorate with a name

The personalized engraved locket is a frequent choice of our customers. It is a good idea for a gift, which allows you to make the chosen piece of jewelry special by imprinting a name, initials, an important date or a special text.

Medallions of different shapes and sizes are available: 12mm circle , on which you can conveniently place 1-2 words, the large 25mm medallion , which is perfect for longer texts, and also new: boy and girl shaped medallions , which are a great gift for mom. A letter or word can be placed on them (vertically).

A bracelet with a name is a trendy and unique accessory that will allow your image to shine and stand out. Almost all of our necklaces and bracelets have the option of adding an engraved name circle.

How to add an engraved locket?

What to do if you already have a wheel, but you want to add an engraved medallion to it? Don't worry, buy it separately and you can easily add it to your existing jewelry.

The locket has a ring that can be easily opened and closed with pliers or tweezers.

The main thing to remember is that the ring should be opened forward, not to the side.
Then it will be easy and convenient to close it and the wheel is ready!

Remember that you can always bring the cart to us, we will help!

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