The meaning and symbolism of colors

The meaning, symbolism and properties of colors

Colors are all around us in our life. They describe our everyday life, what we see, what we wear, what we eat, what we enjoy. Do you know that every color has its own meaning? Deep in the subconscious, we are able to choose what we need most at a given moment. What is your favorite color right now?

Blue color

Peace, stability, patience. Sky blue color symbolizes clarity of thought,
respect, hope and dreams. It is calming, suppressing aggression, uncertainty and
helping to develop well-being and inner peace. Blue is the favorite color of more than half of the people.

the meaning of the color blue

White colour

Innocence, freshness, minimalism. The color of protection, peace, spirituality,
which causes faith in the good. The white color charges us with energy, clears our thoughts, creates space for new ideas and adventures.

Orange color

Creativity, optimism, confidence. Stimulates the mind by developing creativity,
the desire to act boldly and promotes positivity. It also improves the appetite, which is why it is often used in the decoration of kitchen elements.

Red colour

Fire and passion, strong, uncontrollable emotions. Red suits strong, domineering people. Red symbolizes fire and blood, which can also be translated as life and love, passion and strong feelings. In ancient China, red brought good luck.

the meaning of the color red

In green color

Freshness, naturalness, maturity. Green is the color of nature, fertility, abundance
and the color of physical health. It promotes positive moods and symbolizes maturity.
Red colour. Dynamic, aggressive, active, exciting. The color symbolizes passion, strength, endurance, energy and daring. Red is an associative color, it makes people act quickly, it can incite. This color symbolizes courage, struggle and victory.

the meaning of the color green

Yellow color

Excitement, friendship, youth. It's the creative color that helps
to focus forces and attention in the desired direction, an excellent aid to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and provoke thoughts. It is the color of the sun, so it has a very strong energy. Symbolizes a rapid improvement in life or optimistic feelings about the future.

Pink color

Feelings, tenderness, romanticism. This color symbolizes tenderness and youth.
Pink is considered a very healing color because it creates a sense of comfort. Pink color encourages playfulness and romance.

the meaning of the color pink

Black color

Classic, mystery, impact. Some find this color repulsive, dry and
heavy. The color symbolizes hidden wealth, formality, power. It is mostly associated with elegance and charm. With a black color base, you can achieve an influential and confident image.

Violet color

Ambition, majesty, wisdom. Purple color symbolizes majestic
energy and wealth. It is also the color of romance, passion and sensitivity. Create
harmonious feelings and peace. Along with other colors, purple color is not obtrusive even with its splendor, so it symbolizes balance.

meaning of purple color

Grey colour

Classic, minimalism, neutrality. Gray symbolizes realism,
unification, trust, professionalism, durability, quality and stability. This color is like a bridge between white and black, symbolizing the already mentioned neutrality. It does not draw attention to itself, creates a sense of stability in a person, because it separates him from the surrounding world and encourages restraint, self-restraint, seclusion.

meaning of gray color

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